The latest iteration of Eye-Tracking™ is one of the key features of TopWare's upcoming release, “3SwitcheD”™, an engagingly addictive puzzle game designed by Reality Pump Studios and available for a variety of platforms including the iPhone™, iPad™, Android™ and even Windows™. 3D-ET™ can be enabled or disabled at the player's convenience. However when 3D-ET is enabled the fully three-dimensional interface and environments of “3SwitcheD”™ truly come to life.

3D-ET™ utilizes external or on-board cameras to spot and track the user's face and the eye movements, quickly adapting the desired elements of the playing screen to the user’s respective location. This core concept has been built upon by years of extensive research, knowledge and experience of top engineers and programmers.

Gamers worldwide have long dreamed of technologies taken straight from the plots of sci-fi movies, in which on-screen action could be controlled by a simple eye movement. It seemed that this desire was be nothing more than flight of fancy, on par with going back in time or faster than light travel. Yet now, with the revolutionary technologies offered by TopWare Interactive AG and Reality Pump Studios, this dream has become a reality.