Virtually all current mobile devices are manufactured with a built-in camera. And since 3D-ET™ is as comfortable with a basic phone camera as it is with an advanced lens employed by a professional studio, its functionality is truly universal, even in low light environments!

As the user's eyes are tracked in real-time, the elements displayed on screen are adjusted and adapted dynamically, creating a sense of real depth and layer, far beyond the capabilities of current flat interfaces and displays.
The technology is further aided by the implementation of numerous facial profiles, and the ability to adapt to any of them – thus, no matter what the user's appearance, position or distance from the camera may be, the settings of 3D-ET™ can be adjusted accordingly. For instance, if a user puts on corrective eyeglasses which might otherwise conceal their eyes and negatively affect motion tracking 3D-ET™ can be set to compensate for that change with literally one click of a button.

Thanks to the magic of 3D-ET™, anyone waiting for a truly 3D experience will no longer need to purchase expensive glasses, nor will they need to worry about the adverse effects said glasses might have on their sight. All that they need to enjoy any entertainment medium in three dimensions is what they already have – a pair of eyes, and a camera.

Technical, legal and licensing information is available on the official 3D-ET™ website, at:
3D-ET™ technology – by Reality Pump Studios and TopWare Interactive AG.